Life is short! It’s important to me to do stuff that matters! Helping people in need is good. And let me just say it here…sometime you may be the one in need! With that thought in mind, I recently read somewhere that: you have two hands, one to help yourself the other to extend help to someone else. Giving back to the community of “humankind” is an essential part of a happy life for me.

In 2018 I created a Giving back Mission as part of the Dive into your Destiny Project to have a Network of Connectors! I see the Connectors as PowerTool™ Super Heros. Connectors can submit help requests to the Commission. Connector energy is recharged via points earned by offering help. As a Super Hero in digging deep to find your own superpowers, you are invited to fulfill three help quests to earn the highly coveted Network Connector status with Resource Access.

Join the private group & tell us the superpower you offer! The group is not for marketing. The group is an outlet to offer help to someone if you want to. The commission will coordinate & facilitate help/helper contact. Private message me if you want to participate privately. Private message me if you want to be a Commission Member