Reaching for the right colors? Do you have the little paint swatches all over your walls? Are you testing actual sample colors everywhere? Need help in your home or business? Color design specialists will help you create a color palette that will achieve your desires.

Celebrate Color Q&A Monthly Subscription  This option highlights inspirations we love for living and playing in color;  plus gets your color and design questions answered in our private fb group.  And includes the ColorGallery by Design Celebrate Color Playbook PDF.  We are very excited to offer this new source for basic color guidelines in Digital File Format.

We Celebrate Color! We are Pro’s at Color Play! We can create interesting color opportunities for your project. We celebrate introducing you to and implementing unexpected color combinations into your living and work spaces! We are passionate about presenting harmonious solutions for any color challenges you have; we can help you with a color plan! Our most popular options are outlined below.

We will help you get your color project together. 1 Hour Color Stylist Service $60.00. This option is for you if you have ideas. You have color samples in mind. You want help fine tuning a Color Plan for your space. We evaluate your desires and propose the best strategy to implement your ideas into harmonious color and design solutions.

You come away with a complete personalized color style plan for 1 room.  4 Hour Color Stylist Design Service $ 180.00 This option starts in your space from a blank canvas for 1 room. This works well if you want an evaluation, sourcing, a shopping trip or after a design meeting you want us to present samples to you.

We love color and we are expert at color play! We are passionate about presenting harmonious solutions for your color challenges! By the room. By the hour or with our new Quick Color Guide.  Celebrate Color the way you want it.  We help you style your space with a color plan!

We are happy to work with you in any number of other scenarios just let us know your thoughts.